I am running everything on a Linux OS – Debian and using 99.9% of the time GIMP for retouching pictures.

Shooting RAW images gives better results. But I think most of the time TIFF images are giving well enough flexibility. So this is why 99% of the images you’ll find here are a result of TIFF manipulation with GIMP’s and G’MIC plugin.




I am a big fan of street photography, nature and abandoned places.

I am born in Quebec city in the St-Lawrence river’s lowlands and I am considering myself as a Northeastern American. So I am not Canadian neither Quebecker… I am just enjoying living with all those peoples from this area, regardless of which language they’re speaking or which color they are. But please, don’t bother me with your god…

I choose to switch this Website to English because everybody on earth (98%) can read this language. So let’s share our passion for photography in a Universal language.




Hope you will enjoy.