PC or tablet?



Hi everybody. If you have few seconds for me, I would ask you to fill this tiny form. All I want to know is if I should focus more on a theme that is optimized to mobile or tablets  than for PC or laptop. So there is only 3 questions and everything is completely anonymous.

Thank you!

Remember Me (When The Candle Light Are Gleaming)




ISO100 – F4.5 – 2″ – 41mm – Darktable, GIMP and G’MIC

Tribute to the Great Ladies



Idola Saint-Jean, Marie Lacoste-Gérin-Lajoie and Thérèse Forget-Casgrain


Still Alive




There is two meaning with this title.

I know that I am posting a lot less than usual. And it isn’t because I am taking less pictures. I am shooting a lot. It is strictly because I am not inspired as I used to be. Don’t have much time to shoot and when I can, I am doing it with my mind busy. It’s is going to come back, I know it. I feel it.

Still alive because I am alone for a week. No wife, no kid… Like at my early twenties. Going out. Chilling… Only me to think about and to take care. Ouf… I still can do this.





Le Mehograph : A year of photography


I just want to celebrate with all of you the first year of Le Mehograph. It’s been a long year of learning. I would like to thank everyone of you that took time to share and help me being better photographer.

In all this year, some special peoples have inspired me a lot and I would like to tell them. They’re all women…